Proper handling and maintenance of your trees will dramatically improve the chances that they will live and grow. All trees like a good supply of water, particularly in the first couple of years after planting. Water the tree regularly and slowly in dry weather, allowing the water to soak in. Remove any broken branches with sharp clean pruning tools. To maintain a good shape, remove any shoots that compete with the main central stem. Cut off snapped trees close to the break to allow for re-growth.

During the first year, regularly check that the tree is still firm in the ground. Windsway can create a hollow around the base of the tree trunk, leaving it poorly supported. Frost action or moles can also disturb the ground, loosening the roots. Tread around the loose stems to firm the tree into the ground and re-stake the tree if required. After three to four years the trees may need thinning or branches removing. The Mersey Forest Team can help advise how to look after your trees in the long term.

About The Company

Anand Farm & Nursery is a Gardening & Farm Specialist company based at Gandhinagar Ahmedabad, India. Since 1994, Anand Nursery Farm has been offering reliable Gardening & Farm services at the most competitive rates. We emphasize on providing best services and ensure that you are accompanied in every step of the process; from suggesting appropriate Gardening & Farm Specialist on your site.

Our easy-to-do procedure provides you the convenience to set your Gardening & Farming without any difficulty. All you have to do is select a Plants & Tree that suits your needs and simply tell your Plant or tree name. You can use your existing Tree or plants or choose a new one. Our easy and instant payment options allow you to get your Beautiful Garden or Farm !!

Our Company is also awarded by Government for long fruit plants like amla, nimbu. we are develop plants at our side.

These are a few aspects that set us apart from other Gardening & Farming Companies and make us the preferred choice of various individuals, companies and corporate houses. Do read what our clients have to say about us.

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We are a reputable, reliable and friendly garden maintenance company specializing in hedging, lawn mowing, weeding, garden clearance and general garden tidy ups. We are based in Surrey and cover the Surrey and Hampshire area. If you need your hedges trimmed, shaped, maintained or renovated, our team of experienced guys can transform your garden by tidying your hedges to look exactly the way you want. Gardening can be a daunting task for anyone. Here at Morning Sun, we can maintain your garden on a fortnightly or monthly basis. An appointment will be required in order to give an accurate quote. For a fast quote you can email some photos of your garden in its current state. Please contact us to request your free quotation. Hedges need regularly trimming so they don’t get out of shape or grow too wide. We can maintain your garden on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs, in order to keep your garden in neat condition for the coming Summer. Our service normally involves cutting lawns and edges every one or two weeks. We can either remove all garden waste once the job is finished, or put it into customers compost bins for future use. We also provide a grounds maintenance service for a range of commercial clients these include: Care homes, Residential estates, Flat developments, Schools and Industrial estates.

  • •   Acquaintance with plants.
  • •   Acquaintance with modern tools & techniques.
  • •   Knowledge of manure, fertilizers, insecticide, fungicide and herbicides.
  • •   Knowledge of seasons with regard to different plants.
  • •   Knowledge of soil.
  • •   Knowledge of propagation techniques.
  • •   Technique of pot culture, potting mixture & method of watering of pots.
  • •   Watering systems of the day in accordance with different plants & places.
  • •   Knowledge of bed making.
  • •   Basic knowledge of Landscaping.
  • •   Horticulture as art by developing skills of flower arrangements.
  • •   Plant Protection.

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